Freezing Hot

Sometimes I felt like a burning flame trapped inside a block of ice that was created  by layers of lies, bad experiences, and fear.  Once I figured out the lies I believed, such as “I’m not worthy”, and “I’m not good enough”, were in fact not true at all then I began to burn a little hotter under the ice.  As the ice began to melt I  noticed the other layers that had been keeping my light trapped started to dissolve.  The more I challenged those lies the hotter I burned and the brighter my light shined.  After so many years trapped beneath the cold, numbing ice I had finally set myself free and now I dance and rejoice in the light.

Once we start to stare our fears square in the eyes and dare to challenge them we start a ripple in the universe that turns into a tidal wave that washes our souls clean of the negativity that kept us from living the life we truly desired.

Overcoming the effects of bad experiences is never easy but it is certainly possible.