I’M HEALED! But am I really?

No doubt about it, healing from trauma is very difficult, complicated and time- consuming.  We all know that healing takes time, some of us more than others.  When people seem to heal much faster than others, doesn’t it make you wonder how they  did it?  Based on my experiences and observations, I’ve noticed that people that seem to heal faster used time to take action.  They did not just let time idle by.  Everyone needs time to heal but not everybody uses  time to heal.

When it comes to healing from trauma think about it like a suitcase that won’t close; because you’ve got too much stuff and many unnecessary things in it.  You’ve even got things in it that you didn’t even know were there!  You cannot go on your new journey, i.e. your life free from the effects of trauma until you have packed and closed your suitcase properly.

First things first.  You must open that suitcase completely, exposing everything inside.  This will allow you to take a look at all the things you’ve been either avoiding or dragging around with you everywhere you go.  Next you’re going to pick up each item one by one and decide whether it stays or goes.  Everything in the “goes” pile gets placed aside for closer examination.  You must take all the time you need to analyze these items.  You may even discover that some items were placed in your suitcase without your knowledge by someone else!  These items could be self doubt, low self-esteem, negative body image, over- eating or drug addiction.  With so many traumas to heal from of course it will take time to get through them all but it will be time well spent.  You are worth all the time it takes to heal and begin living the life you’ve always dreamed about.  Everything in the “stays” pile must also be examined for confirmation that it indeed belongs in the “stays” pile.  These items could be intelligence, talent, loyalty, honesty, courage, or spirituality.  These items are to be carefully folded and placed back in the suitcase neatly so that you can see clearly all the positive things you need to keep with you.

You cannot live your absolute best days if trauma is still affecting your life.  A trauma recovery coach can help you unpack your suitcase and sort all those items with you.  Yes your trauma recovery will still take time even with a coach, but the time it takes to recover will be greatly reduced if you have a coach to help you through it.

“You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.”

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