H.E.A.L. Healthy Energy About Life

How is your energy?  Is it positive or negative?  How do you feel about life and especially how do you feel about your life?  Do you have healthy energy about life?

It’s true that the type of energy you put out into the universe is the exact same type of energy the universe will give back to you.  When it comes to healing from trauma you must be mindful of your thoughts and the type of energy you are giving off.  It matters a great deal because your energy type is directly related to how well you will heal from your trauma or traumas.

It’s easy to have negative thoughts surrounding the trauma you experienced but you must make the conscious effort to dismiss those thoughts.  Negative energy breeds negativity and we all know that negativity serves no good purpose.

You want to have as much positive energy as you can get on a consistent basis because when you supply the universe with positive energy, the universe will give it right back to you.  Now I’m not saying that nothing bad will ever happen to you when you are giving off positive energy; I’m saying that if you are surrounded by positivity  then you will be much better equipped to handle a challenging situation. Being positive doesn’t happen by accident either.  You have to make the decision yourself then shift your focus.  Instead of thinking of all the bad things that could happen in your life or a certain situation; think of all the awesome possibilities that could come your way.  Once you make the shift you will notice the difference in how people respond to you and how great opportunities will find their way into your view.  Yes I am also talking about the law of attraction but I will not get into that right now, maybe at a later date.

Coaching will definitely help you with the shift you need to stop giving off negative energy and start giving off positive energy.  Once you get that done then you will be yet another step closer to living the life you know you deserve, free from the harmful effects of childhood trauma.  Let me know when you are ready to get H.E.A.L.

“The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

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